Income Tax

We have a fantastic team that can complete your tax return in the way that works best for you.

Note: Please submit tax documents no later than March 15th to ensure completion by the April 15th filing deadline.


There are several options for methods to complete your tax preparation.

Please pick the format that works best for you!

Fully RemoteIn OfficePart Office / Part Remote
You can upload all of your documents remotely utilizing the “secure file upload form” below and receive your tax return electronically to review and approve. You can bring all of your tax documents to an “in office” appointment and prepare your tax return in person (this is best for relatively basic returns). You can submit/drop off your tax documents and then schedule a follow-up appointment to review with your preparer at a later date. Click here to make an appointment.

Client Upload Form

  • Drop off tax documents – There is a drop slot in the middle door of our building.
  • Secure file upload – Scan and upload documents using the secure file upload form below.

Tax Organizer – New Client

Here is the “Tax Organizer – New Client” fillable PDF form.

Please note: Once the fillable form is completed and submitted by you, we will review the document and you will receive a copy for your records.

After downloading and filling out this fillable PDF form:

  1. You can either upload the document using our secure “Client upload form” located on this page.
  2. Or you can drop off your document using the office drop slot located on the middle door of our building.

Tax Pricing

Our rates are simple estimates for various types of returns.
Exact prices are determined by the complexity of the actual tax return.

Click here to view our pricing page.

Alternatively, please contact our office or make an appointment for a free initial consultation
so that we may provide a more accurate quote based on your individual tax situation.