Accountants on the Go provides the following processing services:

  • Weekly Payroll
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll
  • Semi-Monthly Payroll
  • Monthly Payroll
  • Quarterly S-Corp Payroll

Payroll without Direct Deposit requires a minumum 24-hour turnaround for processing.

Payroll with Direct Deposit requires a minimum 48-hour turnaround for processing.

Pricing for payroll services

Payroll Frequency (Price per month)

(eff. 1/1/22)

# of EmployeesMonthlyBi-Weekly/Semi-MonthlyWeekly

Quarterly S Corp Payroll = $100

New Client Set-up Fee: $45 per company

New Employee Set-up Fee: $5.00 per employee

Quarterly Payroll Processing: $50.00 per quarter

End of Year Payroll Reports / W2’s: $60.00 annually

Monthly Fees Include:

  • Electronic pay stubs, or check printing, or direct deposit.
  • Monthly scheduling of payroll tax payments.

New Client Registration (Employer Only)

Employer must complete the following forms.

Note: We use the secure software Adobe Sign for E-signatures and document sharing.

  • Contact form to describe you and your business details:
    Name, EIN, Type of Business Organization, Contact Information, and Bank Account Information.
  • Please provide the ‘rate of pay’ and ‘payroll schedule.’
  • Form 8655 “Reporting Agent Authorization” – Federal Form
    1. Client needs to complete rows 1-6 and sign at bottom.
    2. Accountants on the Go, LLC will complete the rest.
  • Tax Information Authorization – State of Oregon
    1. Client completes top 3 lines and signs at bottom.
  • Business Identification Number (BIN #) – If you do not already have a BIN # from the State of Oregon you need to complete this form.
    1. Please complete upper left quadrant.
    2. AOTG will complete upper right quadrant.
    3. All owners must complete bottom section ‘Identification of owners’ and then ‘date and sign.’

Payroll Forms (Employee)

For each Employee we need the following information:

  • Form I-9 Employment Verification

Click on the button to view and download the PDF file for your use.
Once filled out, you can scan and send it us, or use our online document upload.

Instructions for form:

  • Employee completes page 1 and signs
  • Employer completes page 2 – must confirm and document the sources checked – employer must sign bottom of page 2
  • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization
  • W-2 Consent Form

Payroll Documents Upload Form