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Payroll Pricing / Frequency (Price per Month)

# of Employees


Bi-weekly /



Quarterly S Corp Payroll = $160.00

New Client Set-up Fee: $60.00 per company

New Employee Set-up Fee: $7.50 per employee

Quarterly Payroll Processing: $60.00 per quarter

End of Year Payroll Reports / W2’s: $75.00 annually

Monthly Fees Include:

  • Electronic pay stubs or check printing.
  • Monthly Scheduling of Payroll Tax Payments.

Bookkeeping Rates

  • All initial consultations with a staff member are always free of charge.
  • After the initial consultation, any subsequent meetings or trainings are billed with the following rates.
Standard bookkeeping$60.00 / hour
On-site bookkeeping$60.00 / hour + travel time
Quickbooks training or Tax Planning$60.00 / session

Tax Pricing

The below rates are simple estimates for various types of returns – exact prices are determined by the complexity of the actual tax return.

Please contact our office or make an appointment for a free initial consultation so that we may provide a more accurate quote based on your individual tax situation.

Price per Form


Sample Price Ranges


Form 1040 (Federal)$90.00Easy (Form 1040, OR40)$145.00
Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)$35.00Standard (Form 1040, Sched A, OR)$180.00
Schedule B (Interest & Ordinary Dividends)$20.00Plus (Form 1040, Sched A & B, OR40)$200.00
Schedule C (Profit & Loss from Business)$85.00Small Business (Form 1040, Sched C, OR40)$250.00-$350.00
Schedule D (Capital Gains & Losses)$45.00Capital Gains (Form 1040, Sched D, OR40)$180.00-$220.00
Schedule E (Supplemental Income & Loss)$65.00Rental (Form 1040, Sched E, OR40)$200.00-$250.00
Form 40 (Oregon)$55.00Corporation (Form 1120S, OR20S)$525.00-$825.00
OR Schedule A (Oregon)$15.00Partnership (Form 1065, OR65) $525.00-$825.00

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